indie vintage wedding dress, adventurous wedding photographer


adventurous wedding photographer, husband and wife photo team


We’re Wesley & Emma Teague – two southern-born kids (Alabama & Texas respectively) who found each other in college and have been inseparable ever since.

We moved to Spain 3 weeks after our wedding because we love a good adventure. Now, we call Birmingham, Alabama home, but we’re always planning our next big trip!

We've been married for 12+ years. We're into experiences over material things. We are multi-passionate entreprenuers - Aside from shooting weddings, we're real estate investors, online educators and Wesley's a budding Instagram comedian.

We believe in Jesus Christ and strive to serve others with the same grace we receive from God every day.

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Second shooter & wedding schmoozer
Has a rad middle name "Denver"
Mixes fanta & wine. It's a thing.
Takes a little coffee with his cream
Avid spikeballer and soccer player
Appreciates common manners
Gettin' weird on IG reels since 2018

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Main photographer at all the weddings
51% normal cat lover, 49% weird cat lady
Has the sleep schedule of a koala
Antique collector. Amateur gardener. Pretends to work out.
Enneagram buff. What's your number?
Travel-obsessed homebody

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Our 4 year old tortishell cat
Slacker office assistant
Enjoys eating-sleeping-napping-snacking
Lives for "making biscuits"
Dislikes loud noises and tiny children
Has nightmares of the day we get a dog/have a child

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